duct sensor
wall-mounted casing

Unrivalled energy efficiency – the sensors of Perfactory Sensorsystems.

Energy efficiency
Modular sensor building blocks
the multi-sensor

The modular sensor building blocks make it possible for you to configure your air quality sensor.

Perfactory Sensorsystems

We make air quality measurable

“Perfactory Sensorsystems produce high-quality sensor
products for ventilation systems which are unrivalled
in terms of the performance and design”


The Room Sensor System By Perfactory Sensorsystems…

Icon_30x30  conveniently and easily guarantees the best, healthy air quality

Icon_30x30   prevents the formation of mould

Icon_30x30  has a key role in energy efficiency strategies

Icon_30x30  supports you in your LEED/DGNB strategy

Icon_30x30  has an extremely low energy requirement

Icon_30x30  as a multi-sensor – just one sensor device for all parameters

Icon_30x30  has impressive aesthetics due to lineal and modern design

Icon_30x30  is automatically self-calibrating and,
          therefore, practically maintenance-free

Icon_30x30  is Made in Germany

Energy efficiency

The sensors from Perfactory Sensorsystems save you energy and impress due to their extremely low power consumption. I.e. lower energy costs for you and fewer emissions, making it sustainable and future-proof.


We spend an average of 90% of our lives in enclosed rooms. While the quality of food or even external air quality is checked, measured and discussed at length, indoor air quality (IAQ) is rarely a subject. Bad air makes us tired, listless and ill. Make your life healthier and more comfortable with the air quality sensors from Perfactory Sensorsystems.


With the room sensor system from Perfactory Sensorsystems, all the required parameters are automatically recorded and processed. Combined with a ventilation system, the fresh air supply, temperature control and many other parameters are regulated as required. This means the best indoor air without any support.

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